Closing + From Africa for a circular future

The final session will facilitate a dialogue on how disruptive technologies can lead the way to a circular economy in Africa, emphasising the gravity of scaling local youth innovation. 

This session will focus on scalable local technologies and youth innovation as the driving forces to implement a circular economy in Africa. Many innovative products and services from Africa also have global potential. Scaling up existing solutions will play an important role in bringing economic and social benefits, while also reducing the negative impact of our linear economy on the environment. Youth innovation will be showcased through presentations by the winners of the circular economy business challenge and circular economy hackathon organised by the African Leadership University, sharing with the world the way forward for the African continent. 

Organisers: African Leadership University, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, UN Development Programme, African Circular Economy Network and African Circular Economy Alliance.  

Watch the session recording with English captions:

Watch the session recording with French captions and interpretation:


  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Chris Whyte

    Chris Whyte

    Director, African Circular Economy Network (ACEN)

Panel discussion: How disruptive technologies change the circular economy

Introducing the winners of ALU’s hackathon and business challenge

  • Arsh Raina

    Arsh Raina

    Circular Economy Programme Manager, The African Leadership University (ALU)

Concluding remarks

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Chris Whyte

    Chris Whyte

    Director, African Circular Economy Network (ACEN)

Closing ceremony: Key messages of WCEF2022

From Africa to the world

WCEF2023: Sneak peak

Closing remarks