Image: Topias Dean, Sitra


WCEF Studios are local events that support the main Forum – African Studios from cities across Africa and Global Studios from anywhere around the world.

Studios deliver all, or part, of the main Forum programme while incorporating additional elements to select local audiences. This year, there are two kinds of WCEF Studios available – African and Global. All Studios will be listed on this page by 15 November.

African Studios

WCEF2022 African Studios are organised by the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) in five cities on 6–7 December. The African Studios engage many people to participate live throughout the continent and make the main Forum’s content relevant at a national level, giving local experts the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss their circular economy agenda.  To learn more about the African Studios’ programmes, speakers and venues, visit their event’s pages and get involved:

Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa are founding members of the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA), and Cameroon and Zambia are also leading the transition to a circular economy within their regions. Read more about why we chose these host countries.

Global Studios

WCEF2022 Global Studios are local events that support the main Forum from anywhere in the world. In addition to the African Studios, Global Studios can also be organised on the African continent. Global Studios are co-ordinated and approved by Sitra. Studio hosts are responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event.

List of Global Studios  

Tuesday 6 December at 09:30-17:15 CAT (UTC+2)

WCEF2022 Global Studio Italy: Tackling the circular transition from multiple approaches

The University of Tuscia will host the only Global Studio in Italy, led by Enrico Maria Mosconi, chairman of the first international Master’s Degree in the Circular Economy in Italy. The Studio will take place in Civitavecchia, one hour from Rome. It will address issues and testimonies of the circular economy, from multiple points of view and from multiple geographical perspectives to demonstrate how the transition to a green industry is only possible with a multi-sectoral and multicultural approach. In addition, international students will take the stage several times to illustrate the problems related to their countries in the circular economy transition.

Organiser: Tuscia University

Thursday 15 December at 09:00-12:00 UTC+2

WCEF2022 Studio Turku UAS SUSIE Project

The WCEF2022 Studio Turku is a local in-person seminar for raising awareness, networking and enhancing knowledge on the circular economy in Africa and in the Turku Region in Finland.

During the event, part of the main WCEF2022 Forum programme is broadcast alongside facilitated discussions and networking between participants in light of Turku Region’s role in supporting circularity.

Organiser: Turku University of Applied Sciences with SUSIE Project