Circular trade and value chains

The third session will explore inter-continental trade dynamics in Africa, stressing the potential of circular supply chains, trade and services related to electronic waste.

This session will discuss the opportunities and challenges related to trade and the circular economy in Africa, zooming in on the continent’s role in global circular value chains and intra-continental trade with the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). Setting the broader scene on the principles for inclusive circular trade, the session will also offer a panel discussion on trade in the electronics and ICT (information and communications technology) industries and what it means for the African continent. 

Have a look at relevant resources (initiatives and publications) identified for this session.

Organisers: Chatham House, UNIDO, International Chamber of Commerce, Circle Economy, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the UN Environment Programme. 

Watch the session recording with English captions:

Watch the session recording with French captions and interpretation:

Keynote: Trade pathways in support of an inclusive and global circular economy

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Aik Hoe LIM

    Aik Hoe Lim

    Director, Trade and Environment Division, World Trade Organization


Interview: A framework for inclusive circular trade

  • Jack Barrie

    Jack Barrie

    Circular Economy Research Fellow, Chatham House

Panel discussion: Trade opportunities in electronics

Closing remarks