Stephan SICARS - WCEF2022 Speaker

Stephan Sicars

Director, Department of Environment, UNIDO

Stephen Sicars holds an MA in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hanover in Germany. He has managed the Research Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pumps in Germany; headed his own consultancy undertaking research for international industries, NGOs and governments; provided policy advice on environmental matters and has been a technical expert on several international panels. In 2004-2014 he worked with the UN Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal protocol. 

Since 2014, as a director at UNIDO, Sicars has been focusing on the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, minimising industrial pollution and advancing the circular economy. In addition, he oversaw UNIDO’s energy portfolio from 2020-2022 and was responsible for managing climate action across the organisation.