Catalysing private finance for circularity in Africa

Investigating policy and financing gaps, the sixth session will find solutions to the barriers entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa face when seeking start-up capital.

This session gathers private sector experts to discuss how to scale up private financing for the circular economy in Africa. Many African circular start-ups and businesses struggle with initial financing, so the session explores paths to unlock capital flows to accelerate the circular transition. Finally, the session states what is clear: the current capital flows to sustainable business and circular ventures are still just a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed for the circular transition. 

Organisers: African Development Bank Group, African Circular Economy Facility, UN Environment Programme, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, African Circular Economy Network and Global Green Growth Institute. 

Watch the session recording with English captions:

Watch the session recording with French captions and interpretation:


Opening remarks

Video: Tools for circular economy financing

Panel: How to free up financing for the circular economy in Africa

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Abel Boreto

    Abel Boreto

    Associate Investment Director, Novastar Ventures

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Solape Hammond

    Solape Hammond

    Special Adviser to Governor on SDGs & I, Lagos State Office of the SDGs and Investments

  • Jonathan Obinna Ikeolumba - WCEF2022 Speaker

    Jonathan Ikeolumba

    Managing Partner, Officelord Consulting Services

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Ada Marmion

    Ada Marmion

    Director Partnership, Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Koen Raedemaekers

    Koen Rademaekers

    Chair, ACEN Foundation and CEO, Trinomics

World Bank’s ambition on financing circularity

  • Valerie Hickey - WCEF2022 Speaker

    Valerie Hickey

    Global Director, Environment, Natural Resources and the Blue Economy (ENB), The World Bank

Dialogue on institutions’ role in catalysing private finance for the circular economy

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Dora Cudjoe

    Dora Cudjoe

    Senior Operations Officer, Climate Investment Funds

  • WCEF2022 Speaker - Philip Horn

    Philipp Horn

    Head of Circular Economy Division, European Investment Bank (EIB) 

Closing remarks