WCEF2022 Speaker - Patricia Akinyi

Patricia Akinyi K’Omudho

Chief Environment Officer, Nairobi City County Government

Patricia Akinyi K’Omudho runs Nairobi, Kenya’s environment programme. Following her championship with Nairobi’s participation at the 2018 World Habitat Day, the city was the first to benefit from the Waste Wise Cities campaign. Patricia presented Nairobi’s waste case at UNEA 5.2. 

She also participated in the African Circular Cities Initiative, 2022 delivered by ICLEI with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and funded by MAVA. Patricia is a member of the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN). She is a DANIDA fellow as well as member of the Green and Circular Economy alumni network in Kenya. 

Patricia holds a BSc. in environmental health and an MSc. in health systems management.