WCEF2022 Speaker - Kari Herlevi

Kari Herlevi

Head of Global collaboration unit for Sustainability solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Kari Herlevi has worked in the circular economy in both the public and private sectors. He has helped develop national circular strategies as well as the WCEF platform. He is a multi-skilled circular economy and sustainability expert.who headed Sitra’s Circular economy project for eight years. 

Previously, Kari led the Green Growth programme at Business Finland, which is associated with the circular economy and has a financing volume of more than 100 million euros. He also has experience in Silicon Valley, where he had the privilege of working with the best people in the field.  

Kari has Masters in finance and political science. He believes that in 2030 we will be closer to an environment-positive society in which, for example, traffic emissions have been minimised and the circular economy is reducing waste.