WCEF2022 Speaker - Adriane Zacarias Farah

Adriana Zacarias Farah

Senior Programme Manager, Head of GO4SDGs, Deputy Head 10YFP Secretariat, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Adriana Zacarias Farah is a graduate from Cambridge, UK, with a Masters’ in environment and development, and BSc in political science from ITAM in Mexico. She is an international expert on sustainable development, resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and production. Adriana joined UNEP in 2003. In her current position, she supports policies, strategies and initiatives related to the green economy, the circular economy, innovation for SMEs and sustainable lifestyles, among other themes. GO4SDGs accelerates regional solutions for inclusive green economies and circularity and works in three areas: policy coherence, SME innovation and youth empowerment.