Norrsken House, Kigali, Rwanda

Three integrated steps for achieving the circular transition in Africa – road maps, hubs and action

The inclusive circular transition in Africa requires a systemic and integrated approach to put theory into practice, unlocking the vast potential of value creation in Africa. But how can you make sure that this happens in the most effective way? This session discusses the needed steps, with the added benefit to stay for a traditional Rwandan lunch ($10 for your own cost) and invest in some local arts and crafts.

The success of national road maps and action plans as well as circular economy hubs is becoming recognised globally in recent years. However, these efforts are often approached in an isolated or too little contextualised way, which creates additional hurdles for take-up and thus, slows down the transition. Based on on-the-ground experiences and lessons-learned, the session will introduce and discuss an integrated approach of advancing the circular transition through a sequence of steps that promises to channel resources, capacity and potential in the most effective way.

The enabling environment for action starts with the strategic development of a national circular economy road map that is aligned with global, regional and local efforts. This should be followed by the establishment of a responsible implementing body, multi-stakeholder platform and one-stop-shop, combined in a so-called circular economy hub. From there, actionable and scalable projects have the best chance to take off and thrive.

During a lively three-hour session, you will be inspired by keynotes and panels of leading circular economy specialists in Africa, get engaged in interactive discussions and enjoy local entertainment, art and lunch (optional, for $10) provided by the trendsetting Inshuti Arts and Culture Center. The session will take place at the Circular Economy Hub of the Bestseller Foundation, located at the NORRSKEN House East Africa, KN 78 St.

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Organisers: ACEN Foundation, with Chatham House, Holland Circular Hotspot, TNO and Footprints Africa

Watch the recording of the session (passcode: 91@7G^%$).