Network governance – What role for the circular transition brokers?

How does network governance empower the transition to a circular economy? What role can transition brokers play in accelerating the circular economy transition on the African continent?

This session will focus on the role of network governance – building a coalition of partners willing to contribute to transformational changes – in implementing the circular economy road maps at the national and local levels. It will discuss the role of transition brokers in accelerating circular initiatives. These intermediaries (also hub leaders) coordinate the circular transition with industry, local governments, research and educational institutes, civil society and others. They can help set up the network governance, from helping to build circular initiatives to upscaling them by linking successful local cases to national policy and agenda setting.

The African continent has tremendous potential to build solid network governance and identify hub leaders because inspiring circular economic solutions are already here. The exchange of existing best practices and the ”out of silos” thinking are essential elements. The main challenges of establishing the circular economy hubs are the need for ambitious targets, indicators and long-term financial support from governments and businesses.

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Session organisers: European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP), with Holland Circular Hotspot, Circular Change and Ecopreneur

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