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Harnessing circular opportunities in the Nigerian agriculture value chain

Considering the ever-growing population, poverty, under-explored processing opportunities and climate risks, how can circular agricultural practices be implemented in Nigeria? This session seeks to identify practical solutions and business opportunities to mitigate the challenges within the Nigerian agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector is a priority of the Nigerian government and is an important element in achieving the Agenda 2030 goals. However, rapid urbanisation, the pandemic and climate change pose a significant risk to this. Applying circular solutions to agriculture will help, providing a real impact. Issues relating to crop yield and protecting soil health can be addressed using regenerative agricultural practices. Additionally, food waste, which accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions, can be curtailed through improvement in processing systems.

This session will converge experts, business owners, policymakers, investors and other relevant stakeholders with interests in the circular economy and agriculture to dispel misconceptions and identify opportunities to maximise the potential of the agricultural sector in Nigeria. From cultivation to processing, packaging and trade, conversations will aim to identify gaps between policy and action on the ground, and identify opportunities for bankable and scalable solutions that can be replicated in other countries within the region.

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Organisers: ACEN Nigeria Chapter, in collaboration with Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) and One Barn Limited – Impaching lives through Agribusiness