Kigali, Rwanda

Connecting the dots: accelerating circular economy adoption across Africa

This session highlights the required actions to accelerate the circular transition based on foundational research and provides insights into why a circular economy research agenda has an important role to play to accelerate the transition and unlock the business opportunities in African countries.

Would you like to learn which actions are needed to accelerate the circular economy adoption and innovation in Africa?

This session will highlight the current state of circular economy development and which actions are needed by governments, international development organisations, investors and knowledge institutions to accelerate the transition. It will also provide insights into what kind of research and knowledge gaps need to be addressed in Africa, and why a coherent circular economy research agenda is critical to reach our goals. The session will answer this question by going through newly generated knowledge of the circular economy by using at least four different case studies of four foundational African research projects of the circular economy programme at the African Leadership University.

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Organiser: African Leadership University (ALU)