Kigali, Rwanda and Online

Circular policies without borders

What are the implications of EU circular policies on producers and exporters in developing countries? What can be done to maximise the benefits and mitigate potential trade barriers?

The new EU Circular Economy Action Plan has incentives and requirements  for circular production and consumption. These steps take the EU closer to the vision of a true circular economy.

Such requirements, however, can potentially raise unintended non-tariff barriers for some developing countries that require support in complying with the requirements. This session aims to showcase policy, trade and finance for the plastics and textile industries in several developing markets. Policy makers, business leaders, practitioners and the interested public are invited to this hybrid session.

Programme page and registration: Impact of EU circular policies on producers and exporters in partner countries |

Organisers: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Chatham House, Circle Economy, European Investment Bank, SWITCH to Green Facility and DG INTPA

Watch the session recording (from 13:48 onwards):