Making the circular economy work for all: ensuring a just and job-rich transition to more sustainable societies

This session demonstrates how the workforce is a key lever for the circular transformation by discussing concrete ways of advancing decent work in the circular economy and sharing initiatives that can inspire others around the world to learn from successful experiences.

A shift towards the circular economy will impact labour markets around the world: some jobs will be lost, many jobs will be created, and others might be transformed. This will also have an impact on the combinations and types of skills required for an inclusive and productive circular economy.

Activities and services of today are modelled according to the linear “take-make-waste” economy. The effect of circular strategies on the world of work such as employment creation, working conditions, social protection and skills must be considered.

With an accelerated shift towards the circular economy, a just and job-rich transition is particularly important for countries across the African continent. [DC1] [ST2] National sustainable development plans have prioritised the need for the creation of decent jobs along with achieving climate goals.

The session highlights how decent work and the circular economy develop simultaneously.

  • Inspires accelerated action by sharing existing initiatives taken by governments, businesses, workers and grassroot organisations. Partners from across the world will present how they are creating an inclusive circular economy.
  • Explores possibilities for collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop new skills and create circular jobs enabled by the circular economy transition.

The transition to a circular economy impacts global labour markets where we need to create decent work opportunities and develop new skills to ensure a just transition which supports people and the planet. Workers are a key force in the circular transition, while the transition will change how we work.

The session invites decision makers from labour and employer organisations, value chain stakeholders and circular economy coalitions to join the discussion on how the public and private sector can collaborate to create more circular jobs, decent work opportunities and develop skills which enable the circular transition.

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Organiser: Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

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