Accelerating the circular economy through international co-operation

How can international co-operation unlock solutions for a breakthrough of the circular economy? What kind of co-operation is required to support the implementation of circular solutions?

This session will spotlight examples of South-South and North-South co-operation, especially involving Africa and Asia, to demonstrate how technology and new policy approaches support the development of a circular economy. It will also discuss the role of macroeconomic fora, like the G20, in accelerating technology transfers.

Key takeaways from this session will be:

  • to draw lessons from real-world examples of implementing the circular economy and share best practices with others working on similar projects; and
  • to foster more opportunities for open dialogue to identify and respond to global and local challenges, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and promoting the circular economy agenda.

The session is aimed at businesspeople, international development experts and public authorities.

Programme page and registration: WCEF2022 Accelerator Session: Supporting the Circular Economy through International Cooperation | Knowledge Hub for Green Technologies (

Organisers: GIZ and Global Solutions Initiative (GSI)