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Catalysing policy change for a circular economic transition through local enterprises in East Africa

Local and informal businesses, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, have huge potential to accelerate circularity and sustainability. How can recognition and policy support empower them as important agents for green economic transition?

Local green enterprises in East Africa are already adapting and evolving towards circular and more sustainable production of goods and services in response to changing climate, unsustainable resource use, pollution and ecosystem decline. The Green Economy Coalition hubs will lead a panel debate to examine micro, small and medium-sized enterprises’ (MSMEs) solutions to create better policies, improved governance and social equality across the fields of alternative energy, waste recycling and ecosystem services.

The session is aimed at policy makers across the intersection of finance, planning, local and municipal government, and environment; financial service providers; local governments; small business support practitioners; civil society representatives; and MSME representatives.

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Organiser: Green Economy Coalition